Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Functional Rehabilitation in Naples, Fl

Many people come to Total Health of Naples with complaints of neck pain, back pain, headaches, sciatica, disc problems and the list goes on.  What many people often overlook is how did this ache, pain or dysfunction occur?  If somebody moves well and has proper mobility of their muscles and joints it is a fair assumption that they likely won’t have any musculoskeletal problems.  What we need to realize is that most people don’t fit into this demographic because of the daily stressors that we endure.  For example, sitting in front of computers, sitting in the car, sitting on the couch, sitting while texting…..did I mention sitting? Defaulting into lousy positions eventually builds neuroplasticity thus our bodies take on that bad shape and it results in horrible posture.  Fast forward and imagine someone who sits at a desk job day in and day out, from a clinical perspective we’d see the classic lower and upper crossed syndromes.  With having this dysfunctional default position it is safe to say that we won’t move optimally, causing a risk factor for injuries. 

Total Health of Naples goes beyond the pain syndromes by restoring movement patterns back to the patient so that these problems are not recurring.  We do this by implementing functional rehabilitation.  Functional rehab is any modality that will aid in restoring normal movement patterns.  Simply decreasing inflammation and pain can increase function or PNF stretching hamstrings for greater range of motion can be examples from different ends of the spectrum.  Modalities can be as complex as specific kinetic chain exercises or even as simples as basic physiotherapies (ice/heat).  Dr. Michael J. Paralovos has developed a unique approach to correcting human dysfunction.  By specifically designing treatment programs for his patients with the latest advancements in soft tissue therapy, neurology and biomechanics coupled with home care exercises and ergonomics patients generally get well faster and better than most other chiropractic or physical rehab centers.

If you are tired of the one size fits all paradigm for neck pain, back pain, headaches, sciatica and disc problems, it may be time to contact Total Health of Naples for a consultation.  Our doctor is the leader in functional rehab and our patients would agree.  For more information visit www.totalhealthnaples.com or call 239-260-1426.

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