Monday, July 15, 2013

Chiropractic Adjustment: Is a headache “normal?”

The nervous system controls and regulates the entire body and all of its functions. The connection between improved health and chiropractic care is obvious to those who receive regular chiropractic adjustments. Each time you receive a chiropractic adjustment, you are improving your potential for health and wellness.
Are you tired of living with headache pain day after day? Have you ever wondered why you have headaches? Do you know how many headaches you have each month? It could be four, eight, or even 20 headaches per month. Some people experience headache pain all day, every day. Are they caused by stress or tension?
Is there such a thing as a "normal" headache? The answer is no! It is not normal to have headaches! However, many people endure the same type of headaches month after month, not knowing there is help available.
Following an initial examination to rule out things like high blood pressure or eye strain, the doctor of chiropractic will carefully examine your spine. The cause of the majority of headaches is usually found to be an irritated nerve in the upper neck. A chiropractor can locate and correct that irritating nerve, thereby eliminating the cause of most headaches.
After a gentle chiropractic adjustment, most people will notice that the frequency and severity of their headaches diminish significantly, often after the first adjustment. It is possible to live month after month free from headaches and experience an enhanced quality of life.
Call Total Health of Naples today or go to for more information about the benefits of a chiropractic adjustment and to schedule an appointment. Our chiropractor has advanced training in neurology and corrective chiropractic care is committed to helping the residents of Naples, Fl live free from the debilitating pain of headaches!
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