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Winter Months and Vitamin D Levels

Winter Months and Vitamin D Levels

It should be no surprise that winter months with limited sunlight leads to lower levels of Vit. D., the sunshine vitamin. However, even summer months are not optimal for Vit. D synthesis in the skin.  This is largely the result of very effective sun blocking agents that can decrease the synthesis of Vit. D by as much as 90%.  World wide, well over 1 billion people have low Vit. D levels.
Until recently, Vit. D was thought to primarily regulate calcium and phosphate absorption and help build and maintain strong bones.  Now we know that being deficient in Vit. D may not only increase the incidence of osteoporosis and hip fractures but may increase heart disease, MS, and infectious diseases including season flu and tuberculosis.

Your Vitamin D Level Affects Your Health

For example low Vit. D levels are associated with a 2X increase in heart attacks.  Low Vit. D is associated with an increase in colon cancer and possibly other cancers. Further, MS and diabetes (autoimmune diseases) are increased in patients with low Vit. D levels.  Vit. D also appears to increase muscle strength.  Some associate these benefits with anti-inflammatory actions.

What Is An Optimum Vit. D Level?

Clearly you should be concerned about your Vit. D levels.  The question is do we really know the optimum levels of Vit. D in our blood?   The current guidelines are very conservative.  For example 30 ng/ml would be considered more than adequate. However, levels as high as 60 or even 90 ng/ml may be even more effective.  The recommended daily allowance for Vit. D is in the range of 600-800IUs.  That said many health care providers recommend 1000 to 5000 IUs /day.   The reason for wanting to go high in dose is that there is little data to suggest side effects below huge doses such as 50,000 IU/day for multiple months.
Based on the above science, it is reasonable  to combine Vit. D and omega 3 oils.  Both are fat soluble.  For general health benefits we recommend, SFH high potency omega 3 oils with 1000 IUs of Vit. D 3 /teaspoon.
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