Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Corrective Chiropractic vs Relief Care Chiropractic in Naples, FL

Many patients that have come into our office often ask about other chiropractors that they were solicited by at local grocery stores, gyms and other social events of how they are “different” or that they perform “corrective chiropractic care”.   Well the truth is, all chiropractors strive to correct the under lying problem that is causing the patient’s ailment.  Though each provider may have a different approach or method of delivering their treatment the end goal is always the same….CORRECTION!!  The whole phrase of “corrective chiropractic care” is more of a marketing/solicitation ploy to gain the attention of future patients or even drive existing patients out of the care of their current provider by using these subordination tactics.  As a clinician that is trained in structural rehabilitation of the spine through Chiropractic Biophysics, one may consider this technique to be of a corrective protocol as it tends to focus on structural integrity of the spine rather than just the resolution of symptoms.  On the other hand, if the goals of the patient are to just eliminate their symptoms then correction could be considered the time of pain relief.  Therefore how the term correction is used by providers is very subjective and can be misleading for an individual not familiar with the practice of chiropractic.  I encourage people to be aware of chiropractors trying to sell the concept of corrective chiropractic care to entice patients into treatment and long term care plans that usually aren’t any more effective than just resolving the mechanism causing their symptoms.  It is important to understand that following through with your chiropractors recommendations are key with any level of spinal correction and relief of pain, but also realize that you need to be released from care when you have reached an optimal level of medical improvement.

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